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ShadAmy love story part 6 - still alive ?
"Rose please stay with me" Shadow said while tears begin to form in his eyes.
"Sh-Shadow i-i l-love y-you" Amy said slowly closing her eyes but Shadow pickes her up and uses Chaos Control to get to the Hospital.
"Please i need help my girlfriend is really bad hurt" Shadow said running toward a nurse and she pushes a buttom and alot of doctors came and took Amy.
"Sir you have to eait in the waiting room" the nurse said to Shadow and he walked back. Shadow goes back and forth and soon their friend arrived.
"Any news yet" Cream asked with tears in her eyes. Shadow walked toward the little rabbit and hugs her and she back.
"Are you Shadow the hedgehog" a doctor asked amd Shadow stood up and walked toward him.
"Yeah thats me" Shadow said nervously and wamting good news about Amy.
"Well please follow me" the doctir said as he slowly walks away and Sahdow walked after him after a litlle bit they reach a room and he opened it and Shadow walked in and saw Amy.
"Rose why did you do that" Shadow
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ShadAmy love story chapter 5 - rescue
(Normal Pov) *with Shadow*
"And thats the plan" Tails said with a little joy in his voise but with a worry tone too.
"Alright but now we need to find out where he is" Shadow said with angry voise because he knew what would happen to Amy.
"Yeah i know" Tails said with a worried face and looked toward Shadow and then Cream.
"I found out" Tails yelled cause everyone to wake up. Shadow rushes toward Tails and looks at the screen to the location of Sonic and Amy.
"Good job Tails we need to rest for tomorrow" Shadow said as he looked out the window and thinks about Amy.
"Mr. Shadow do you think we can rescue Amy" Cream asked with a small tear in her eye.
"I'm sure so don't cry and go to sleep for tomorrow" Shadow said and cream walks to the couch and falls asleep 'good night Rose' Shadow tought befor he falls asleep.
*The Next Day*
As Shadow wakes up he saw everyone asleep and he got up and walks to the kitchen to make breakfast. After Shadow finished makeing food he woke everyone up
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Mature content
ShadAmy love story Chapter 4 - together :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 1 0
Mature content
Shadamy love story chapter 3 - the conversation :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 1 0
Mature content
Shadamy love story chapter 3 - the convesstion :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 0 0
ShadAmy love story chapter 3 - the confersation
The Next Day
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ShadAmy love story Chapter 2 - movie night
*I have to say if you don't like sex then don't read this*
Amy walked away and Shadow just stand there deep in thoughts but then runs acter her.
"Amy please speak with me  why are you walking away" Shadow asked and walked toward her.
"Shadow we're best friends since i helped you out with Sonic and now you can't tell me that you have a girlfriend" Amy said turning around to see Shadow.
"I know that day it was the best day in my life" Shadow said step a step closer to her" and you know you changed my life after that" Shadow said happy.
"And now after 10 years you can't tell me you have a girlfriend" Amy said steping back and about to run away but Shadow grabs her and pulls her really close to him.
"You know its Friday our movie night" Shadow said with a smirk. He know exsactly what he want to do.
"Yeah and you don't need to come you can go with your girlfriend" Amy said trying to get away from him.
"Hold on i don't have a girlfriend you were the first one who would know" Shadow said
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Shadamy love story - the boy in the ally
Once there was two kids a girl and a boy. The name of the girl is Amy and the boy was Sonic. One day Amy wanted visit Sonic but then she saw sonic fight someone. Amy runs toward and saw someone on the ground.
"Sonic please stop" amy asked her friend trying to stop Sonic.
"Go away Amy" Sonic replayed as he once more kicked him.
"Sonic stop or i'll have to make you" Amy said worried about the hedgehog that lied on the ground.
"Now get away it is his own fault" Sonic said angryly and punshes and kicks him.
"I warned you Sonic" Amy said befor she took her pico pico hammer out.
Amy took her hammer out and hits Sonic. Sonic falls to the side and Amy saw who it was. It was a black hedgehog with red streaks on his arms,legs and and along his fur.
"Amy what was that for" Sonic yelled at Amy but she didn't answered.
Amy goes toward the hedgehog that was lying on the ground but the hedgehog backed away from her.
"Don't worry i'm not going to hurt you i want to help" Amy replayed and walks toward
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Shadamy- my player
Shadow walked in and closes the door behind him and slowly walks to amy. As shadow walked behind amy he wanted to kiss her neck and so he did. Amy's eye's shot open but slowly got comfort to it.
Amy: "" she said breathing very hard.
Shadow: he moves toward her and kisses her lips and stoped and goes to the door and locks it and goes back to amy. Kiss her on the lips.
Amy took her hands around shadows neck and shadow on her waist. Amy opened her mouth to let shadow in. Shadow realized it and deepens the kiss. They made out but then shadow picks amy up and puts her on the couch and puts her her clothers away and amy puts his clothers away.
Shadow: 'now i know she want me right now too' Shadow thought and slowly licking her everywhere. Amy moaned with pleasure. They do it a long time now they finished and both lays of the couch arm in arm. Amy wakes up and get her uniform on.
Amy: "shadow time to get up" she said shaking him and was about to lea
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JPEG_1432039493621_1782891276 by ShadAmyFan-2013 JPEG_1432039493621_1782891276 :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 1 0
A sad Shadamy story short
Once there was a couple that looks from out perfect but they were wrong. One day a pink hedgehog girl named Amy was dating a black hedgehog named Shadow. But what amy didn't know was that shadow keeps cheating on amy. Amy came in her house and knew shadow was in their bedroom. She didn't want to wake him up she just walked in the Dinning room and make for her. But as amy finished making her food there was a knock on the door.
(Amy's Pov)
I was about to eat when i heard the knock amd i stood up and walked to the frond door and opened. There stands my old best friend Sonic the hedgehog. I let him in but says" you have to be quiet shadow is sleeping" i said not wanting that shadow wakes up. Well we talked a bit but then "i should get going now" sonic said to me and i nodded and walk him to my door and runs out and i closed the door. As i walked back i began to eat. After i ate shadow come downstairs. "How was you sleep" i asked like everytime. He just looks at me and sighs"i'm good but i
:iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 2 3
JPEG_1431360512315_1782891276 by ShadAmyFan-2013 JPEG_1431360512315_1782891276 :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 0 4
Mature content
Shadamy story - the player chapter 2 :iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 2 0
Shadamy story - the player chapter 1
Amy's life :
Amy is a famale Pink hedgehog and 16 years old. She's the most popular girl in high school, one of the clevest and the school president. She's worried about everyone axcept for shadow the hedgehog and she works as maid in a resturant.
Shadow's life :
Shadow is a black and red hedgehog and 16 years old he's the popularst guy in the school and a player, he plays with girls feelings but he just want one girl as his Amy Rose.
(Normal Pov)
It was just like all the other days for amy rose. She worked to long yesterday but she's used to that. After she woke up at 5 am in the morning she stands up and takes a shower.
(Amy's Pov)
As i took my shower i went to my bedroom and does some kick-boxen ,karate and some more. Now i look at my watch it was 6:30 am time to get ready and wakes someone up because i lived with someone together.
As i walked downstairs i yelled "Cream time to get up" after i yelled she wakes up and gets angry with me like every day.
"Do you have to wake me up this
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A sad Shadamy story short
Once there was a pink hedgehog named Amy Rose and a black hedgehog named Shadow. They start dating just almost a jear.  They look from out a happy couple but they was wrong. Shadow ceep cheating on amy but she don't know it. Amy came home from a visit of her old friend cream and wanted to go home and say shadow she's home. Amy slowly and with no sound she goes inside. By shadow he's in his bedroom with rouge the bat.  They didn't hear her. Amy walked upstairs.
"Are you sure amy didn't come today" rouge asked but shadow just kissed her and she back and soon make out again. Amy arrived their room and slowly open it. Amy gasped and tears begin to form in her eye's.
"Rose its not what is look like" shadow said stands up want walk toward her. But she backed back,
"How c-could y-you d-do this t-to m-me" amy asked between sobs.
"Rose let me explain" he said walking toward her, she backed back and runs out of the house and yells "i never want to see you ever again shadow the hedgehog
:iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 3 3
Shadamy story - the famous prolouge
Shadow is a popular guy and one of the hot boys. He has a girlfriend named Amy Rose but then shadow and friends are a band and they got of tour. Shadow brocke up with her just to go of tour. She cried alot and after 3 weeks she becan to think to move on. Now amy is one of the popular girls in school. And she moved on and have a boyfriend named Sonic.  They date almost a jear and both are happy but then.........
Shadow came back to his home town from a world tour. He want that amy understands him for breacking up with her but he was wrong. He will do anything to get her back.
Will Shadow get amy back ?
Will Sonic and Amy still a couple ?
Find Out In :
Shadamy story - the famous
:iconshadamyfan-2013:ShadAmyFan-2013 1 0


I'll Save you Shadamy
Today was the day Sally Acorn and Sonic The Hedgehog are getting married,and guess where I am.If you said in Eggman's lair lying on the floor waiting to be saved.You guessed right.The so called number one Sonic fangirl Amy Rose is sitting shackeled in a cell of Eggman's stupid lair.I heaved a irratated sigh,all those rumors of me being a fangirl of Sonic was a lie.I never even like him! All i was trying to do was not just be a side stepped character in ever fricking battle so i acted as though i was madly in love with him and chased him around,I thought people would like me and think of me highly but noooo people started to send hate mail and writing things like 'you suck go live in a ditch' which leads up to where i am now.
I continued to glare at the ground when i heard the cell door open and someone walk in.I didn't care who it was,heck i didn't care if it was someone who came to save me.I felt a harsh hand grab my arm and drag me to another room and throw me in.When i heard the doo
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Shadamy: Amy and her Neighbour
Amy and her Neighbour
(Italics is Amy Narrating)
(Normal is the Events happening)
Hi, my name is Amy Rose. All my life I have lived in fear. Today marks 943 since I have stayed in this house. I have never gone outside ever since he showed up. I even had dreams about him. He was always chasing me every time I went out-
Amy had been cut off when she heard a doorknob turn. She was inside her closet sitting on a stool with her lights off. She was carrying a torch which was shining on her face. She is a pink hedgehog with quills which ended below her shoulders along with three bangs covering her left eye.. She was wearing a strange pink suit on with the top part not covering her revealing her white singlet. She turned her head to the door on her left to reveal a grown looking red male hedgehog checking up on her; turning the light on when he opened the door. He saw the ridiculous outfit she was wearing and the position she was in. He couldn’t help but chuckle at h
:iconkatalinethedingo:katalinethedingo 38 7
Shadamy-I'm possessed by her
                      I was walking in the forest. I had gotten my hands on Sonic's chaos emerald. I felt proud of myself. Although, I was thinking about her. Maria, my only friend, my love. She had died a long time ago. Damn bastards. That memory of her getting shot lingers in my mind. I got back to reality when wind blew back my fur. It was Sonic and Tails on thier plane. They landed on the ground and crushed several trees. They started getting out so I ran. I heard their foot steps coming behind me. "Give up, Shadow!" I heard Sonic say behind me. "Shadow!" I heard Tails call out. "Give us back the chaos emerald!" I heard another voice say. I never heard it before. It for some reason, put a smile on my face. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. It made me happy. I found this very strange. I tripped and fell. I didn't drop the emerald. I got up, but before I could make a run
:iconstfuvampy:StfuVampy 123 31
Shadamy-Race of fate
                                  I was leaning against a tree, feeling the breeze blow through my quills. It was peaceful and relaxing.... until Sonic came along. He stood infront of my with his usual stupid grin on his face. I sighed. "What do you want, faker?" I said. "Don't be rude, Shadow. I just want something to do." He replied. "Hmph. Something to do, or someone to annoy?" I asked. "Oh come on, Shadow, you can't be entertained by standing around in the cold. How about a race?" That kind of got my attention. A race huh? I could win this. "Sure. If beating your ass at a race will get you off my back, then yes. I will race." His dumb grin grew into a smile. "OK!" We lined up. "1.... 2.... 3..." Sonic paused. "GO!" The very second he said go, I zoomed off. Sonic was a bit behind, not far. I thought I was doing pret
:iconstfuvampy:StfuVampy 82 21
You Belong With Me
A Shadamy Story
A Skydancer123 Production
Monday, 7:30 P.M.
Amy's POV
I was working on my science homework and listening to The All-American Rejects. I pushed up my glasses as I stared at the sheet. Yeah, I have glasses. And I also wear baggy shirts and sweat pants. Don't I sound like the most attractive girl on the planet?
Anyways, I was working on my science when I was interrupted by a male voice. "Rouge, I was just messing around! You don't need to get all worked up over one thing!" I knew that voice anywhere. That's Shadow. He's been my best friend for as long as I can remember.
He started dating Rouge the bat three months ago. She's captain of the cheer squad and the most popular girl in school. But she's a spoiled, stuck-up bitch! I've hated her since the day we met.
I peeked behind my curtain and saw Shadow pacing his room, yelling into his cell phone. "Rouge! You need to calm down!" I sighed and pushed the curtain back all the way. "Whatever, I'll talk to you later. Bye."
:iconskydancer123:skydancer123 86 46
Shadamy love story
One day, Amy Rose was sitting on the edge of a cliff crying.
"I-I guess Sonic never really did love me" Amy sobbed and sniffled.  The last few words Sonic said to her kept swimming through her brain.
"Amy, I asked you out because I thought you'd be fun! Why won't yo9u get in bed with me?" Sonic asked. This one memory blew her mind. Sonic was trying to use her! She cried for a long time.
"You bastard! Damn you Sonikku!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. It almost seemed like an extremely loud whine. She could be heard for miles!  Shadow The Hedgehog heard her loud, what seemed like scream of terror, and came running. With no delay, he got there in a flash.
"Amy Rose! I got here as soon as I could, what's the matter?" Shadow exclaimed.
"He's gone! He used me and now he's gone!!!!!" Amy bellowed.  Clearly annoyed, Shadow took a deep breath, and tried to calm her down.
"Amy, believe me, you're WAY better then Sonic, trust me!" He said. "I'm sure you'll fin
:iconmoneymeanseverything:moneymeanseverything 14 18
Where are you shadamy
Sega city was slowly turning into ruins. Car horns and alarms sounding off in the hearing of far distances from the city, helicopters and missiles shooting and crashing open buildings causing massive explosion in different sections of Downtown Sega. Lives lost and broken on innocent and such delicate animals*.
All just in one mission to find one very powerful Hedgehog, The Ultimate Life form.
"Quick Amy! This way!" Shadow charged her into a dark alley. He led her to secret doorway revealing a staircase.
"Go down these stairs until you reach a dark hallway with a candle torch lit up. Then take that torch and proceed down the right side of the hallway and you should manage to escape." he explained to her.
"N-no Shadow! I won't leave without you!" she cried, nearly in tears. "You said we would be together forever. You said that you will always stay by my side, no matter the danger."
He looked away in guilt.
"Don't tell me you're lying!" She screamed. Bullets of tears were shooting out of
:iconxxanimexx3:xxAnimexx3 70 23
Confessions of NaLu
"Hey, Lucy let's go for an adventure now!!" Natsu ran into the classroom and slammed her table.
"But I'm still eating!!"
"We have to go NOOWWW. There's rumors about these weird creatures running about and I heard one of them is running around somewhere near the school now!!!" Natsu grabbed Lucy's arm and ran out.
"M-my lunch!! ;_;"
"Hehe. Once I catch it I'll be the first to discover what it really is!! I'll be super famous!! And RICH!!"
"Oh don't be silly, Natsu. There's no such thing!"
They stopped at the entrance of the school panting.
"Is it okay for us to leave just like that? Won't principal Happy be looking for us?"
"Don't worry, I bribed him into letting us go!" He took out some Tuna biscuits from his pocket.
"Oh bother" Lucy face palmed.
They heard a noise in the bushes.
"That must be it!!" Natsu ran towards the bushes.
"W-wait Natsu!!"
Someone came out of the bushes and Natsu was knocked to the ground.
"H-hey!!" Natsu cried.
"Who are you??" Lucy was staring at a handsome blon
:iconlyritembrium:LyritEmbrium 424 88
SoMa ~ Love Story ~ The first morning Kiss
A peaceful November morning...
Maka woke up to the downhill falling Raindrops, with Soul lying beside her. 
He saved her from her nightmare the night before.
"Wake up Soul", She said while shaking his shoulder.
"m-mmmh", Soul moaned.
When Maka finally got Soul into the shower she went into the kitchen making their breakfast. She made up her mind making some porridge for them, and she took out the cinnamon, sugar and semolina powder.
Soul finally got out of the shower and went straight to his room to put on some clothes. He put on a bright dark blue jeans, a orange t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Then he walked into the kitchen, seeing Maka finish up the last cleaning from her cooking.
"What's for breakfast, Maka?", He asked her.
"Porridge", She answered him.
Soul made a really weird face and said, "Porridge? Are you serious?"
"Yeah. I thought it would be nice with porridge once in a while." Maka answered smilingl
:iconbubbislover:Bubbislover 69 10
SoMa- Short Story
Short Story
Lately something's been going on with Maka. Whenever she was
upset or couldn't handle pressure she was in, she would run off to
the Cuttlefish Exhibit in Death Citys' local zoo. So everone thought
it would be better if they all went for fun, instead of Maka on a
All: "YAY!!!!"
Maka:*Smiles, smile disappears, runs back to the Cuttlefish Arena.*
Soul:*Turns around to wonder why Maka isn't coming, and sees her
running from the group*, "....MAKA!"*runs after her*
Maka:*Blankly staring at cuttlefish*
Soul:"Maka!"*Runs to where she is and is now sitting next to her*,"Why
did you run off?"
Maka:*Still staring*, "Is it so bad I like cuttlefish?"
Soul:"No...but you keep running off here. Something wrong?", he said
with a concerned look on his face.
Maka:*Stares at cuttlefish like he didn't say anything*. "I like
cuttlefish because they're different. I feel stra
:iconhevenlydemonicangel:HevenlyDemonicAngel 72 52
SoMa- Midnight Snack
Midnight Snack
Maka's P.O.V-
~'Night after night, i keep having this dream where i go into
  the kitchen to get strawberries, then next thing you know
  soul grabs them with that toothy smile i always
found charming...wait WHAT! i can't be thinking things
like where was i...'~.
Narratior's P.O.V-
maka wrote in her diary every time she woke up from that dream
  she kept having...always the same detail. she wakes up to get
a snack and eats strawberries, next thing you know Soul grabs
the strawberry that was now half way to her mouth and tells her
'strawberries are too good for sure you don't want to
  give them to me?'. she ends up grabbing the strawberry,
that was now half way to him bitting it by the way, and talks
back. right when he gives her that grin of his again it all goes
  black and she couldn't sleep any longer.   
Maka's P.O.V-
...*stomach growls*"aww, i guess all thi
:iconhevenlydemonicangel:HevenlyDemonicAngel 125 85
Strip Poker
The moon was laughing as it shone through the night.
The voices died down in Maka Albarn and Soul Eater's home.
"Okay, everyone. The name is Poker. Any of you think you're cool enough to beat me and Maka?" Soul asked arrogantly.
"Oh ho ho ho! Wo you think yer bigger than the big Black*Star, eh?!" Black*Star exclaimed. "Tryin' to steal the spotlight from me?! Fat chance!"
"Makaaaaaaaaaaaaa Chop!" Maka smashed the spine of a book on the top of Black*Star's thick skull. "We're all right here you moron. You don't need to freaking shout. You'll disturb the neighbors...again."
Black*Star's weapon, Tsubaki, sighed. How she puts up with an idiot like him was beyond everyone.
Soul dealt the cards clockwise to everyone; Liz, Patti, Kid, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Blair, Maka, and then to himself, then the game began.
The first one out was Kid, because he couldn't stand not having even numbered cards in his hand. "This is NOT SYMMETRY!" he kept shouting. Then Blair poofed into her human form
:iconshadowzagumi:ShadowZagumi 146 93
Soul Eater - Not
   Soul entered the apartment with a huge sigh. He had had a long day of dealing with feelings he had never felt before. He had been thinking about them for a long time, but it was to much and to hard to think about at the moment.
   He walked into the living room expecting to see his meister reading or watching a movie. Instead, he found her asleep on the couch in a tank top that was riding up almost to showing her bra. Her feet were propped up on the arm of the couch making her skirt slide up with her book resting open on her chest.
   He stopped in his tracks to stare at the sleeping girl. Did she really have to tempt him so bad? "You don't see me as a guy do you?" he said, leaning over her. Their faces so close that his hair brushed her face.
   "Hey Maka, wake up," he said, poking her cheek, "Your going to get sick if you sleep her with your stomach exposed."
   "Noooooo," she whined, batting at him, making
:iconanimefanatic21:animefanatic21 177 37
Soul x Maka Fanfic
7 Minutes of Heaven
"OMIGOSH! YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE SUPER FUNTASTIC?!?" Patty giggled excitedly  as everyone turned to look at her. "A SLEEPOVER!!! HAHAHA!"
Oh boy…
"Hey, that's a great idea, Patty!" Liz told her.
"It could be fun…," Tsubaki added
"Yeah," Maka suggested, not sure what to think of it.
"OMIGOSH! It would be so much fun if we invited all the boys too!" Patty added, giggling over herself.
Ooooooh boy…
"Another great idea!" Liz exclaimed.
"Good idea," Tsubaki added.
Maka huffed.
"What's the matter, Maka? Scared of playing Truth or Dare?" Liz asked as she nudged her as Patty giggled even louder.
"NO! I'm not scared of a little game!" Maka said, frustrated.
"Alright then. How does Friday night sound?" Liz asked.
"Sounds AMAZINGGGG!" Patty giggled.
"Sure!" Tsubaki said.
Maka huffed again.
"Oh, but wait! "Where are we gonna have it at?" Tsubaki asked.
"Hmmm… I dunno," Liz though.
"BlackStar and my place is a bit smal
:iconcturcz1234:cturcz1234 358 227
A Conversation
"Kakashi-sensei, can I ask you a personal question?"
Kakashi looks up from his book cautiously.  Sakura smiles at him.  "Ooooookay.....," Kakashi says slowly.  "What is it?"  "Er.....well......," Sakura blushes.  "I was just wondering....what do you think about at night?  Before you fall asleep, what do you think about?"  Kakashi closes his book and stares at the sky for a few seconds.  "Life," he says finally.  "Loss and love."  "That's not an answer," Sakura scowls.  "Why do you always do that?"  "Do what?"  Kakashi asks innocently.  "You know what," Sakura glares at him.  "And why do you read that dirty book all the time?"  "You have your interests and I have mine," Kakashi replies.  "You mean you're a pervert?"  Sakura rolls her eyes.  "I didn't say that," Kakashi objects.  "Well, you
:iconkakasakuobessive:KakaSakuObessive 13 5
Truth or Dare
"Why don't we stop here for the night?"  suggests Kakashi-sensei, turning to smile at the three ninjas who are trailing behind him.  His suggestion is greeted by frantic panting from Naruto, who collapses in exhaustion, falling against Sasuke.  Normally, Sasuke would have pushed Naruto away, his face a mask of cold anger, but Sasuke is too exhausted to care about anything except keeping himself from passing out.  Sakura wipes the sweat from her forehead and eagerly sucks in a huge gulp of air.  She stares in wonder at her sensei.  How does he do it?  she wonders.  He doesn't even look tired......  She shakes her head, deciding that there are some things that she'll never understand about Kakashi.  "Who's going to set up the sleeping bags?"  asks Kakashi cheerfully.  "Not me," Sasuke mutters.  "I'm so exhausted I can't see straight."  "I'll do it,"
:iconkakasakuobessive:KakaSakuObessive 19 4


Hey Guys,
I just want to say I'm going to Delete my ShadAmy Storys. Don't worry I'm going to re-write it so you all can read it. I'm going to write all this on Wattpad. If someone don't know what it is here the answere: it's a Webside where you can write books or just read. My Account Name is: AmeliaJaeger16 so thats all I wanted to say we see us some time maybe BYE!!!!
Hey guys i made a kik account because i don't want to write in the coments and my name in kik is just like my name by deviantart if you want you can write me :)


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i love animes watch and my favourite is Elfenlied and Murder princess and resident evil all movies.


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