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Hey Guys,
I just want to say I'm going to Delete my ShadAmy Storys. Don't worry I'm going to re-write it so you all can read it. I'm going to write all this on Wattpad. If someone don't know what it is here the answere: it's a Webside where you can write books or just read. My Account Name is: AmeliaJaeger16 so thats all I wanted to say we see us some time maybe BYE!!!!
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"Rose please stay with me" Shadow said while tears begin to form in his eyes.

"Sh-Shadow i-i l-love y-you" Amy said slowly closing her eyes but Shadow pickes her up and uses Chaos Control to get to the Hospital.

"Please i need help my girlfriend is really bad hurt" Shadow said running toward a nurse and she pushes a buttom and alot of doctors came and took Amy.

"Sir you have to eait in the waiting room" the nurse said to Shadow and he walked back. Shadow goes back and forth and soon their friend arrived.

"Any news yet" Cream asked with tears in her eyes. Shadow walked toward the little rabbit and hugs her and she back.

"Are you Shadow the hedgehog" a doctor asked amd Shadow stood up and walked toward him.

"Yeah thats me" Shadow said nervously and wamting good news about Amy.

"Well please follow me" the doctir said as he slowly walks away and Sahdow walked after him after a litlle bit they reach a room and he opened it and Shadow walked in and saw Amy.

"Rose why did you do that" Shadow asked tears comeibg down and he grabs her hand.

"She's in a Coma and we don't know if she will wake up" the doctor said and then leaving the room.

(Shadow's POV)

I just can't belive it my Rose is in a Coma because she wanted us to stop fighting. I know i shouldn't blame myself in fakt if Sonic didn't capture her in the first place nothing off all this wouldn't have happen. I just hope she will wake up soon. But waht if she'll never wake up...wait how can i think taht she's strong she have to wake up.

"Rose i know you can hear me you have to wake up" I said wanting that she wakes up. I stayed all niggt by her side. I want to be there when sge wakes up.

"I hope you wake up soon" i said while holding her hand but then the doctor came inside.

"Sir you should go home" the doctor said and i let go of her hand and kissed her forehead. I was walking out. I really don't want to leave her but i have to but tomorrow i visit her again.

*The Next Day*

I woke up and walked downstairs to make breakfast for me i had a strange dream tonight.

*Flashback Shadow's Dream*

Shadow walked around and finds Amy in the Hospital bed . He rushed toward her and notices she's awake amd Shadow kissed her.

"Oh Rose i thought i'm going to loose you" Shadow said hugging and then kissing her.

"Shadow how could you" Amy spoke and Shadow looked at her confused.

"What do you mean" Shadow asked he don't know what she meaning.

"I thought you love me but i was wrong" Amy said almost crying and Shadow walked toward her

"What do you mean i love you and only you" Shadiw said still going toward Amy.

"How could you cheat on me" Amy said crying but then the Hospital faded away and they stood near a cliff.

"I would never do that" Shadow said walking toward her about to grab her when....

"Sayonara Shadow the hedgehog" the memories of Maria came but then hears something and see's Amy falling off the cliff.

*end of Flashback*

I would never cheat on her never in million years anyways i walked to the Hospital and saw the whole gang well except for that Faker and it's better for him. I walked to them...

"Hey guys what are you all doing here" i asked everyone looked at me and Cream began to cry and runs to me

"Mr. Shadow i-it's Amy" Cream said i gasped not beliving what is going to happen

"What about Amy" i asked but then she huged me began to cry more

"The doctor said Amy will never wake up" Cream said crying more and i gasped i pushes Cream aside and ran inside to look for my Rose. I found her room and rushes toward her....

"Oh god Rose please don't do that to me" i said and starts to cry amd hold her hand tight.

I can't belive this i don't want to loose her not just like Maria. Once i picked her up and huged her tight i don't want to let her go.

I know i can't bring her back but i have to do it. I kissed her one last time befor let go of her and walking away.

"Sh-Shadow it t-that y-you" someone said and i knwe very well who this person is...........

MY ROSE !!!!!!!!

Hey guys i made a kik account because i don't want to write in the coments and my name in kik is just like my name by deviantart if you want you can write me :)


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Stefanie Schwieters
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i love animes watch and my favourite is Elfenlied and Murder princess and resident evil all movies.

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